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Steve’s Photo Journal

Roseate Spoonbill

Celery Fields on Solstice

Even the shortest day of the year has plenty happening at the Celery Fields. … [Read More...]


Ospreys of City Island

Sarasota's City Island is great to visit for a number of reasons: Mote Marine, Sarasota Sailing … [Read More...]

Savannah Sparrows

Celery Fields at midday

Even a slow day and a bad time of day yield lots to see at the Celery Fields.  No photos here, but … [Read More...]

Bird tracking

Turtle Beach as the sun goes down

Turtle Beach is the most reliable place to see the parakeets, particularly late in the day.  The … [Read More...]

The Point

Alligator Point, Myakka River

It was a cool and misty day at Myakka, and I hiked down to Alligator Point to get some photos of … [Read More...]


Katydid at Home

Alice spotted this amazing fellow at our house. At first he seemed injured, but then he flew off … [Read More...]


Deep Hole, Myakka

Great walk to Deep Hole today.  Lots of water along the way... … [Read More...]

Ruddy Daggerwing

Pinecraft Park

Pinecraft park is intimate, magical, and only ten minutes from home! … [Read More...]

Blue-Winged Teals

Celery Fields: November 23rd, 2014

Very windy at the Celery Fields today, and we arrived after noon, so the birds were mostly hunkered … [Read More...]

Short-billed Dowitchers

Myakka River

Amazing paddle on the Myakka River today. I've never seen so many species there, and I was amazed to … [Read More...]


Myakka Birdwalk

My first day at the birdwalk this season.  I am trying to shoot videos through the spotting scope -- … [Read More...]