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Deep Hole, Myakka River SP

A very peaceful Easter Sunday walk down to Deep Hole.  Gators and Vultures seemed unaffected by my presence, and the vultures were actually sitting down in the grass by the water.  A bald eagle flew over to punctuate the day.


North Lido Park, Sarasota

Very hard getting a good look at birds, in spite of the promise of a hot spot.  I was happy to see this place and particularly pleased to spot the racer in a tree.  I rarely see them, but saw two this weekend.


Behind the Scene at Selby Botanical Gardens

Marie Selby Botanical Gardens is a “must see” in Sarasota for it’s orchids, bromiliads, koi pond, and the serene setting.  Wanting to go a bit deeper, I signed up for a chance to see the greenhouses not open to the public, where they maintain upwards of 30,000 plants if they’re not part of the main […]


Black-necked Stilts at Palmer Lake

I haven’t seen many stilts this year, and was happy to have two fly in while I was at Palmer Lake.  Turns out they were love birds!


Limpkin at Celery Fields

I returned to the Celery Fields on Sunday evening with the hopes of getting some photos of the bold limpkin on the Raymond Road boardwalk.  Typically, I don’t have much success in re-creating a natural event, but this guy seems to be a creature of habit.  Around 6:30pm, he jumped up on the boardwalk rail, […]


Myakka Gators

Gators everywhere at Myakka today.  At the weir near the concession, they were lying around in piles. I don’t know what brings them out like this, but usually you have to head down to deep hole to see this kind of quantity.

Black Bellied Plover

Siesta Key Beaches

We went to Siesta Beach at sunrise, then Turtle Beach.  Not Surprisingly, there was much more bird life at Turtle Beach, where there are fewer people taking their morning jogs and operating their metal detectors.  I have always found Turtle Beach the most reliable place for Nanday Parakeets, and today was no exception.  Also, lots […]

Prothonotary Warbler

Pinecraft Park and Phillippi Creek

We don’t have to go far around here to see a lot of birds, particularly when the spring migration starts.  Just bopping around locally, we saw 65 bird species during the last weekend.  We probably saw a lot more, but couldn’t ID them!

Great Egret with Eggs

Venice Rookery

The Venice Rookery is basically a small island in a small pond, but many birds feel safe enough to next there, and there’s always something to see  as different species are in different stages of breeding, nesting, hatching and fledging.

Florida Cooter

Little Manatee River

The Little Manatee is a beautiful, easy paddle.  I would never call it high adventure, or filled with wildlife, but it is particularly pleasant when the water is high, as it is now.  Last year, we had to get out and drag our kayaks over sandbars at least a handful of times.  I love the […]

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